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Dis Month

03.06.06 to 05.06.06 - Bangkok Shopping Spree
11.06.06 - Wedding Invites @ Toa Payoh
15.06.06 - MPS Duty
- Dad's B'day
17.06.06 - Nordam Family Day @ Zoo
18.06.06 - Wedding Invites @ Woodlands
26.06.06 - Back to WORK

Friday, June 09, 2006

3 June 2006

we left singapore @ 1245hrs and reach Bangkok International Airport @ 1530hrs SG time. we were picked up and reached ASia hotel an hour later. Bangkok is 1 hr behind SG time. hubby's ear was affected by the pressure and even upon landing he had that blockage feeling in the ear.

after we check-in, we went to MBK shopping centre to do our first round of shopping. we went on foot since its only a 10-mins walk frm the hotel. food was hard for me bcoz most of the fast food there serves pork. even the Mcd serves pork burger. so i had sushi there. MBK to me is like Sungei Wang in KL only that its way cheaper here in Bangkok. they are having sale and most of the items are going for Baht 199 wic is less than S$8. very cheap rite. can u imagine how i went berserk over the items! clothes, pants, SHOES.. all costs Baht 199.

we came back to hotel, wash up and made our way to CM2 @ Novotel Hotel. hmmm... not bad ah the place. well... pretty much enjoyed myself 2day..

4 June 2006

today marks our 1st year together as husband and wife. its been quite a journey and i look forward for the coming years. we did not celebrate much since we r oready on holiday here. so we woke up for breakfast den by 1100hrs SG time, we took the train to Jatujak market. its my first time here so everythg is new to me. wat i saw from the train is way beyond expectations. the market is super huge boy!! it will take at least a few days to complete walking ard the whole market. there are loads of things to browse from household items to own accessories. but the lack of time and the very hot conditions, i didnt get to browse quite a lot of things. just merely admiring from far. anyway my intention for the whole trip was not to shop till i drop dead. just to relax n holidaying in a new plc. but i did bought just a couple of things. n weirdly enuff, hubby didnt get anythg for himself.

by 1500hrs, we meet e rest and as all were hungry, we decided to go to another area wic has a lot of halal food (as we were told). so off we went to Nana station to have our lunch. hmm... disappointing as we only chance upon ONE halal food. or maybe we went to the wrong side...*shrugs* aniwei since we were all tired n hungry, we decided to just eat there. its a lebanese restaurant called Moody's Place. refelcting its name, its really a moody place, no music and the waitress all looks so moody. the food was A-ok for me but the servings were super huge man.

den back to the hotel, me, hubby and another two fren went to Pratunam Plaza to look for soccer jerseys. the rest opt to rest at the hotel. unfortunately the shop was closed so we only bought DVDs. came bck to hotel by tuk-tuk. a first time for me n it was FUN!

took a 1/2 hr break n we hit the road again dis tym to Suan Lum Night market. its something like Jatujak only smaller and wayyyyy CLEANER... after that we had late nite dinner cum supper @ a seafood restaurant opp our hotel. nice ambience dere... my eyes were already half closed by den.. very very tired..

5 June 2006

last day of our vacation. we had breakfast after wic me n hubby went for thai massage. it was ok-ok for me. was not wat i expected. after tt we check-out n went to MBK again for the last round of shopping. we were at Bangkok airport by 1500hrs n reached SG by 2000hrs.
I really enjoyed my vacation......

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

the Parent-Teacher Meeting ended well yesterday. I was so relieved after the whole session. In fact I felt great and more motivated after meeting most of the parents. Although at first I was not keen on meeting them, but after getting all the positive feedback I'm geared up to continue teaching. The post-dinner was very seddaappp!!!! Though it was held at our centre (tempat sengkek seh!), the MP was nice enuff not to 4get the hardwork of all the teachers during the elections. Ok la janji dapat makan sedap2.

Meanwhile, my hubby has been offered another job. Alhamdulillah, his dream is slowly coming true. Some things just need 2b finalised and just waiting for the time he is going to accept the offer. I hope this will not have any effect on what we've planned for dis year. Insyalla..

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

the period of stress has just ended. i finished all my chdn's portfolio according to the schedule. now able to relax a week before the start of the sch hols wic means bz time again. haizz... never ending ah.

i tink i lost the vibe to work. no energy to start my day and no mood to even go to work. i hope its bcoz of the stress last wk. i hope nxt wk i will start all fresh.

Went to TNP Big Walk last sunday. boy... it has been 2 years since i last completed the 10km. but it was fun. i missed last year's bcoz of my wedding so i'm back this year for the last time at National Stadium. I wonder where its gonna b held nxt year. I was not tired when i completed the walk but when i got home i begin to feel the pain in my soles. the next day i satrted to suffer from back pain. i dunno if it was caused by the walk. had difficulty sleeping last nite but after some hot cream rubbed on, i slept soundly. now still having slight pain and i hope it will go away by tmr.

haizz... tmr... its Parent-Teacher Meeting. i hate this day. muz smile all day.. so boring. fake ah. den to make it worse, we cant go home after tt. have to attend a thank you dinner organised by MP. hmmm.....

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

wah its been really a long time since i last blog. i was so so hooked up with work. theres extremely lotsa things to do. even wen i sleep i tink of work evn the school holidays i still need to work. even during my rest days at home, i still got to do my school work. work is never ending and i feel that 24hrs a day is just not sufficient.

now tt school hols is nearing, my work starts to pile up again. haizzz... i didnt noe that my passion with kids brings along a lot of other no-ending duties.

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Monday, September 26, 2005

well back from Kl trip to Sepang. it was just a very short trip but i enjoyed myself. we didnt do much shopping becoz our main purpose was not to shop, but to watch rossi win the MotoGP World Championship!!! and u bet he really did though he only was the first runner up, he was crowned the World Champion for MotoGp for the 7th time. how kewl was tt?

we left very early on sat morning. hubby did not sleep whole nite worried that we mite overshot. only i did get some sleep. by 3am we were up and getting ready to leave. reaching meeting place by 0410hrs. had to wait another 20 mins before the rest arrived. left quickly to meet the other car in shell JB. And to start our day, one of us girls nearly got robbed at the petrol kiosk. i didnt see the whole thing becoz i was in the toilet. came out just in time wen the robber fled. we assume the robber was aiming for the camera she was holding. alhamdulillah nothing bad happened. we were too shocked to react quickly. there were 2 of them on the bike. to think that with the 12 of us there standing around, they still dare to try n rob us. rabak seh ni tempat.

had breakfast at restoran jejatas n we reached Kl about 9.30am. checked in at Sucasa apartments. not bad ah. comfortable and cheap.

we reached back home by midnite. settled our stuff quickly hit the bed as i'll be werking and honey is going for reservist.

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Saturday, September 17, 2005

i tink all taxi drivers should go back to driving school (my dad inclusive). they tink that they were the king of the road and most of the time endangering their passenger and also other road users. for the past year, i have always avoided taking cabs unless it was very necessary. becoz i noticed that they either drive too slow or drive as if a tsunami is chasing them. n i always end up having a headache at the end of the journey.

wen i'm not their passenger, i noticed they love to change lanes without signalling, swerve into others lanes or attemptin to turn right on the lane that goes straight. and wen it comes to traffic lights, they will still make a turn wen the light just turns red. being impatient at a pedestrian crossing is another thing. didnt dey learn that pedestrians have the right of way???? i just saw a taxi making a right turn quickly once the red man turns green. wats wrong with waiting that few seconds instead of endangering that poor pedestrians's life.

and they love to drop off their passenger at inapprpriate places. yeah sometimes its not entirely their fault. its the passengers request but still u can tell e passenger that u can only drop them off further infront as its gonna block the whole road if they alight at the requested place. and wen they really alight their passenger and block the whole road, dey didnt even have the courtesy to turn on the hazard lights. stoopid minded u noe!

the govt ought to do something abt taxi drivers. get them to retake their driving test. sure alot of them fail ah!

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

i've got a joke of the day to share...

this is what happen wen u try to praise. let me share a little backgnd. i have this kid, Brendon who is very active, he cant sit still for a moment even if he was being punished, he will move abt. wen it comes to colouring, it was not that good. he has not yet mastered his motor skills i guess so he used to colour way out of the original pict. but he is improving nw.

the topic of the day today was 'U' for Umbrella and i had them trace out the letter 'U' and colour the picture of an umbrella. it was Brendon's grp to do their worksheet. so i had four kids sitting infront of me. they were doing their work wen my relief teacher came in to relief me for lunch. as i was doing some work, i wanted to finish first b4 having my lunch. so the relief teacher did her rounds and came back to the werk table. by now the four kids have started to colour their umbrella.

Teacher (to me): Now the chdn have improve on their colouring ah.
Me: yeah not bad ah
Teacher (to Brendon): Wah Brendon!! Now u can colour BETTER ah.
Brendon: not BETTER. UMBRELLA!!

Get the Joke??
i stopped my werk n burst out laughing. so did my relief.
children ARE clever....

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